Volume 2 CFP

Food and Sustainability: Eco-Critical Responses to Contemporary Crises in Food, Water and the Environment

Call for Papers: Putting the Humanities on the Frontlines of Ecological Discourse…

We seek papers of approximately 15-20 pages (4,500 to 7, 500 words) that address current crises and issue revolving around food and sustainability. From growing organic and locavore movements, battles over GMOs, irradiated tomatoes and threatened ocean fisheries, to the depletion of freshwater aquifers and widespread drought, food and water have come into ever-sharper focus as key environmental issues of our time. While journalists, political activists and community leaders have attempted to address these challenges, this issue will showcase papers that explicitly seek to show how work in the humanities may play a key role in illuminating the highs and lows of food and sustainability and help chart a course towards an environmentally just and sustainable future.

Possible Topics Include:

– The plight of small farmers being swallowed up by large corporations

– Overfishing and the disappearance of many species including blue fin tuna

– Locavore cuisine and Alice Waters’ slow movement, the Edible Schoolyard, organic cuisine

– Droughts and water waste

– Battles over water or food supplies

– Documentary or Fictional Films addressing the joys or horrors of food consumption and production

– Globalization and the loss of ethnic or national dishes

– Spirituality and food as a reaction to modern alienation or homogenization

– Viruses, bacteria, food dangers

– Exploited food industry or agricultural workers

Submissions due by September 6, 2015.

Call for Poems:

We seek poems of approximately 10-40 lines that share the issue’s thematic concerns regarding food and sustainability, and are engaged with the same ideal, of an environmentally just and sustainable future.

Submissions due by September 6, 2015.


(Please note that poems will not be selected on a rolling basis; instead, review and selection will occur soon after the September 6, 2015 due date. Thank you for your patience.)

Please send all submissions to our current call for papers and poems via the web form linked below as a MS Word (~.doc / ~docx) or Rich-Text Format (~.rtf) file upload:


Please look over our brief Submission Guidelines before transmitting your work.

If you have difficulty submitting your manuscript via the web form linked above, please email the editors at <greenhumanities@gmail.com>