Current Issue

Volume 2, Spring 2017

ISSN 2377-9977

Food and Sustainability Issue



Editorial & Advisory Boards

Editors’ Note


Andrew Bieler: “Contemporary Art Exhibitions as Places of Learning About Reflexive Food System Localization” Article PDF

Dianna Winslow: “Language and Power in Social Movements: Hearing All the Voices in Food System Advocacy Narratives” Article PDF

Hubert Alain: “Vagabond: The Trans-Species Ecologies of Plant/Human Encounters” Article PDF

Jeremy Elliott: “Solving Our Bread Problem: Gnostic Trends in Environmentalist Thought and Janisse Ray as Solution” Article PDF

Tracey Daniels-Lerberg: “Science and Food Fictions: Agricultural Technologies, the Evolution of the Modern Industrial Diet, and Calls for a Food Revolution” Article PDF

Fabrizio Bozzato: “Taiwan and the Pacific Islands: Exploring the Green/Blue Possibilities” Article PDF

June-Ann Greeley: “Water in Native American Spirituality: Liquid Life—Blood of the Earth and Life of the Community” Article PDF

Field Notes

Madeleine Aktypi: “a C is a C is a C” & “sots” Field Note PDF


Guest Poetry Editor: Jennifer Atkinson

Eric Magrane: “home/practice” Poem PDF

Tricia Knoll: “Dakota Zea Mays Popcorn Seed Packet” Poem PDF

Anthony Lioi: “What I Ate at the Zombie Apocalypse” Poem PDF

Laura-Gray Street: “Aircraft” & “Field Study / Search Field” Poems PDF

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